Fall Approaches…

I love fall…I love the crispness in the air. I love the changing color of the leaves in the trees, and the crunchy sound they make when you step on a fallen one. I love the warm scents that seem to mellifluously float in the air…pumpkin spice, apple pie, caramel apple cider…it’s one of my favorite times of year! What’s funny though, is where I live, the weather can never seem to make up its mind. One day, it’s 50 degrees and raining cats and dogs, and the next day it hits 80 degrees and there are some scattered cirrus clouds high in the sky, that seem to be meticulously painted on. The crispness is still in the air, but it doesn’t really seem like fall until it gets colder…since fall doesn’t officially start until tomorrow, I guess I can  live with it…:-) I love fall. Can I tell you one thing I don’t love about fall, though? Halloween. I think it’s the creepiest “holiday” on the planet. I don’t see how one can get so much fun out of making their house look as gross as possible, throwing fake spider webs all over it, and planting little weird zombies in their yard that have motion sensors, so that when someone walks by, they jump and cackle and whatnot. I don’t get it. I don’t even like the candy part (a shock, I know…)! Even the candy companies give their best effort to make a chocolate bar look as unappetizing as humanly possible. It’s mind boggling! I was in Michael’s the other day (very dangerous…but I had a gift card!), and I found the cutest brown and taupe damask paper muffin cups for fall…ADORABLE! But right next to them, was this guy…I mean, really? Who actually wants this in their house? If I put this in my house, I’d probably forget that I put it there, I’d go to bed, wake up at 3 am to get some water, and see it, and FREAK OUT. Then I’d spill my water, and then where would we be?  Anyways, I’ll finish on a happy, non-creepy note…  Seriously makes my day….anyways, HAPPY THURSDAY!

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  1. Lindsay

    I completely agree with everything in this post!

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